American Dad!

Thursdays at 10PM


About this show

American Dad! fans, this is your lucky month! 

First settle down for the fantastic finale of season 10 and then just one week later enjoy the UK premiere of
season 11

What more could you want from FOX, the home of American Dad!

Rounding off season 10, Hayley starts an internship at a local news station working for a Nancy Gracetype reporter, who just so happens to be Roger in disguise! A year after Jeff’s abduction Hayley is still heartbroken, that is until she meets millionaire Matt Davis. Everything is peachy in lover’s paradise until Steve and Snot catch a signal on a CB radio that Jeff is alive in space! 

As we move into season 11 Roger moves in with Greg and Terry, and a sexy new next-door neighbour promises to take Steve and his friends’ virginity in return for housework!
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When to watch

  1. S.11-E.16-Holy Shit, Jeff's Back!
    September 5 / 21:00
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  2. S.10-E.10-Familyland
    September 5 / 21:30
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  3. S.5-E.11-Live and Let Fry
    September 5 / 23:00
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