American Dad!

Thursdays at 9:30PM


About this show

CIA agent Stan Smith has the weight of the world on his shoulders.
A stressful job, a nagging wife, rebellious daughter and geeky son, not to mention his extended family in the form of an alien and a talking fish.
To de-stress, Stan decides to buy a hot tub…and HOT is definitely the word.
This seductive-sounding tub manages to persuade Stan to do all sorts of bad things and winds up trying to kill the Smiths.
Cee Lo Green stars as the signing hot tub, and in Cee Lo’s own words, this is a cautionary tale that may greatly influence your next hot tub purchase.
You’ve been warned…catch UK premieres of American Dad Thursdays at 9.30pm First on FOX.
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When to watch

  1. S.10-E.9-Vision Impossible
    March 1 / 23:30
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  2. S.6-E.9-Rapture's Delight
    March 2 / 01:00
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  3. S.6-E.10-Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth
    March 2 / 01:30
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