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Burn Notice

April 19 / 13:00



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New Deal With the fate of his mother and friends his only concer, Michael agrees to take on a dangerous deep-cover operation for the CIA in a bid to infiltrate and bring down a ruthless international terroi... Go to more videos


About this show

Burn Notice - the FINAL season premieres Monday 7th April 9pm, First on FOX

Last season was a game changer for Michael Westen.

Ultimately, in exchange for the freedom of his team, Michael agreed to take on a CIA role more challenging than ever before – to take down the leader of a terrorist network in the criminal underworld, a mission that the CIA have tried for years to complete. 

Miami is a distant memory as Michael is dumped in the criminal depths of the Dominican Republic, forced to break endless laws and risk his life in order to get close to the leader of a terrorist network. 

As a result, Michael faces his biggest struggle to date.

Having disappeared from everyone’s lives, Michael’s past and present collide as he tries to rebuild relationships with his family and friends whilst pursuing the dangerous mission. 

Can he complete the mission whilst protecting everyone he loves?
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  1. S.7-E.2-Forget Me Not
    April 19 / 13:00
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  2. S.7-E.2-Forget Me Not
    April 20 / 18:00
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  3. S.7-E.3-Down Range
    April 21 / 21:00
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