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Model Louie works a tough crowd at a benefit event in the Hamptons but things look up when he goes home with a model. (S4, Ep2) Go to more videos


About this show

It’s been a long old wait, but everyone’s favourite curmudgeon, our beloved Louie, is finally back, just a few days after the US launch! 
Get ready for the return of this critically acclaimed series with Emmy®-winning comedian Louis C.K. – it’s time to fall back in love with Louie.
Over the past three series, Louis C.K.’s story, based loosely on his own life, has made him into a relatable, endearing and celebrated character. 
Each little snapshot of his life is both hilariously funny and terribly tragic, with his everyday ordeals ranging from looking for love and a purpose in life, to riding the subway and trying to superglue dislodged eyes back onto a porcelain doll!
When you last saw Louie, he had upped sticks and spontaneously booked a flight to Beijing. Will you find him still there with a whole new life, or will he have returned to the big smoke of New York to face reality once again? 
Will he have finally found the Yangtze River, or given up on using ‘expressive’ hand movements to communicate?
This series promises to be bigger and better than ever before, and prepare yourself for ...
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