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Twenty Clicks The team in D.C. frantically uses every asset and inter-agency contact they have in an attempt to locate their missing team members. Go to more videos


About this show

NCIS fans rejoice! Watch brand new episodes of the most watched drama in the world Friday's at 9PM First on FOX.

With more navy murders to solve, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) really does have his work cut out this series.

The opening episode sees Gibbs and McGee travel to Russia to safely escort home an NCIScomputer engineer connected to classified intelligence. 

But when their mission is compromised they must go off the grid to elude a Russian mercenary group. 

Later in the series, an investigation is opened after a Navy Lieutenant is killed on his way to a private meeting with the President.

Ducky and Special Agent Bishop touch down in London when an NCIS case reveals an intriguing link to one of Ducky’s childhood friends Maggie Clarke (Alice Krige, Tyrant, Deadwood).

There are more murders to solve and secrets to uncover as NCIS returns for a brand new twelfth series on FOX, before any other UK channel.
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  1. S.9-E.5-Safe Harbor
    November 26 / 13:00
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  2. S.9-E.6-Thirst
    November 26 / 14:00
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  3. S.9-E.7-Devil's Triangle
    November 26 / 19:00
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