The Walking Dead

November 29 / 23:10



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Always Accountable Getting back to Alexandria proves hard... (S6, Ep6) Go to more videos


About this show

So cancel all your plans and stay indoors because it’s officially back, and not even a blood-stained, raspy-voiced zombie should stand in the way between you and The Walking Dead!

In this quaint town people haven’t had to survive, but is Rick the answer to keeping this haven safe or the problem?

The surge is coming, are the people of Alexandria ready? Has Rick gone too far this time? It’s season 6 and no one is safe, although one thing is becoming scarily apparent if you don’t fight, you die

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When to watch

  1. S.6-E.7-Heads Up
    November 29 / 23:10
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  2. S.6-E.8-From Start to Finish
    November 30 / 21:00
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  3. S.6-E.8-From Start to Finish
    November 30 / 22:55
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