The Walking Dead

January 26 / 21:00



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Surviving Together

Trailer: Get ready to kick off with The Walking Dead Season 5 First on FOX just 24 hours after the US.

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About this show

The Walking Dead returns on Monday 9 February at 9PM First on FOX.

The heart-breaking mid-season finale left you shocked, devastated and desperate to know what’s next. 

Now, with just enough time for the dust to settle, return to the apocalyptic world for more action than you can shake a dismembered arm at. 

How will Rick and the group cope with their tragic loss

What lies ahead for team Rick, now any hope of a cure is dashed? 

Can there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel?

So far season 5 has been spectacularly action packed…there werecannibals, eerie hospital wardswicked former coppers and asuspicious priest, Carol blowing up Terminus, Daryl launching an ambulance off a bridge and Rick Grimes, being his usual bad ass self. 

We hope you’re all ready to kick off with Part B just 24 hours after the US, and as you probably know by now, this is not a show you want to miss!
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When to watch

  1. S.5-E.7-7
    January 26 / 21:00
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  2. S.5-E.8-8
    February 2 / 21:00
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  3. S.5-E.9-9
    February 9 / 21:00
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