American Horror Story

Camp Fire

Season 9


American Horror Story: 1984 premieres in the UK on Thursday 19th September at 10pm, exclusively on FOX TV.



  • 1

    Camp Redwood


    1984: Camp Redwood: In the summer of 1984, five friends escape Los Angeles to work as counsellors at Camp Redwood. (S9, Ep1)

  • 2

    Mr. Jingles


    1984: Mr Jingles: Darkness descends upon the camp. Although it's lights out, evil has no curfew. (S9, Ep2)

  • 3



    1984: Slashdance: Imitation is the best form of tragedy. Coming clean can be pretty messy. (S9, Ep3)

  • 4

    True Killers


    1984: True Killers: Mr. Jingles closes in on the one who got away as the counsellors rally to escape Camp Redwood. (S9, Ep4)

  • 5

    1984: Red Dawn


    1984: Red Dawn: As twilight broaches, the survivors brace for a final brawl. (S9, Ep5)

  • 6

    1984: Episode 100


    1984: Episode 100: With the horrors of the night behind them the survivors deal with the fallout of their choices. (S9, Ep6)

  • 7

    1984: The Lady In White


    1984: The Lady In White: A hidden chapter of Camp Redwood is revealed. The survivors help a stranded hitchhiker. (S9, Ep7)

  • 8

    1984: Rest In Pieces


    1984: Rest In Pieces: A deadly trio emerges, hell-bent on unleashing a new era at Camp Redwood. Our former counsellors desperately try to keep history from repeating itself. (S9, Ep8)

  • 9

    Final Girl


    1984: Final Girl: Camp Redwood draws in a lost soul looking for closure. (S9, Ep9)