Bless This Mess

From the city to a farm... Surely nothing can go wrong?!

Season 1


A comedy series starring Dax Shepherd and Lake Bell as newlyweds Rio and Mike, who move to rural Nebraska to escape busy NYC life, only to find that the simple life isn't as easy as they thought. Bless This Mess coming to the UK 6th January 2021, only on FOX TV UK.


Season 2
  • 11

    The Letter Of The Law


    The Letter Of The Law: Rio is bummed she can't afford to go to Iceland for her best friend's wedding, so the nuptials are moved and brought to the farm. (S2, Ep11) Rating:NU12

  • 12

    Bunker Down


    Bunker Down: Rio is excited to plan the perfect farm wedding for her best friend Sierra, but when she arrives in Bucksnort, she shows a different side. (S2, Ep12) Rating:NU12

  • 13

    Calm Down


    Calm Down: Rio comes up with a plan when Sierra confesses something big on her wedding day. (S2, Ep13) Rating:NU12

  • 14

    Volsung And The Beef Boy


    Volsung And The Beef Boy: Jacob must chose between meat judging (his dad Beau's preference) or playing music (his shared bond with Mike) (S2, Ep14) Rating:NU12

  • 15

    Pastor Paul


    Pastor Paul: When the new pastor in town starts giving out free advice to the townspeople, Rio feels like her therapy practice is in jeopardy. (S2, Ep15) Rating:NU12

  • 16



    Knuckles: While cleaning out the basement, Rio jokes about Mike's lack of follow-through when it comes to his hobbies and various projects. (S2, Ep16) Rating:NU12

  • 17



    After-Prom: Kay asks Mike and Rio to help chaperone Jacob's after-prom event at the community centre. (S2,Ep17) Rating:NU12

  • 18

    Table, The


    The Table: Mike's family comes to Bucksnort to surprise him for his birthday. While in town, a shocking family secret involving Rudy is unveiled. (S2, Ep18) Rating:NU12

  • 19

    Tornado Season: Part One


    Tornado Season: Part One: A wealthy restaurateur named Dolores comes to Bucksnort with plans to open a new diner right outside of town. (S2, Ep19) Rating:NU12

  • 20

    Tornado Season: Part Two


    Tornado Season: Part Two: When a tornado touches down in Bucksnort, everyone's concerns about their current situations are heightened. (S2, Ep20) Rating:NU12