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Bones on FOX TV, follows forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth as they investigate murders with little more to examine than rotten flesh and bones!


  • 1

    The Loyalty In The Lie


    The Loyalty In The Lie: Six months after the events of last season, Booth, Brennan, daughter Christine and the new baby are ostensibly living a dream life. (S11, Ep1)

  • 2

    The Brother In The Basement


    The Brother In The Basement: Another layer is added to the mystery of Booth's whereabouts and the state of his physical condition. (S11, Ep1)

  • 3

    The Donor In The Drink


    The Donor In The Drink: Remains are found at a fish farm under suspicious conditions, prompting Brennan and Booth to investigate. (S11, Ep3)

  • 4

    The Carpals In The Coy-Wolves


    The Carpals In The Coy-Wolves: The remains of real estate agent Justin Ross are found in the forest and appear to have been destroyed by coyote-wolf hybrids. (S11, Ep4)

  • 5

    The Resurrection In The Remains


    The Resurrection In The Remains: It's Halloween time at The Jeffersonian, as the team gets a surprise visit from newly minted FBI Agent Abbie Mills (guest star Nicole Beharie) (S11, Ep5)

  • 6

    The Senator In The Street Sweeper


    The Senator In The Street Sweeper: A pair of sanitation workers (guest stars Sal Vulcano and James Murray; "Impractical Jokers") discover the shredded body of a U.S. Senator. (S11,Ep6)

  • 7

    The Promise In The Palace


    The Promise In The Palace: The team investigates the murder of an escape artist whose body is found in the woods. (S11, Ep7)

  • 8

    High Treason In The Holiday Season


    High Treason In The Holiday Season: The team investigates the high-stakes murder of a political journalist. (S11, Ep8)

  • 9

    The Cowboy In The Contest


    The Cowboy In the Contest: To solve a murder, Brennan and Booth go undercover at an Old West-style shooting competition. (S11, Ep9)

  • 10

    The Doom In The Boom


    The Doom In The Boom: The team investigates the murder of a police officer that sends shock waves through both the Jeffersonian and FBI teams. (S11, Ep10)

  • 11

    The Death In The Defense


    The Death In The Defence: Hodgins is eight weeks into his rehabilitation for his paralysis and forced to navigate life in a wheelchair. (S11, Ep11)

  • 12

    The Murder Of The Meninist


    The Murder Of The Meninist: The team investigates a body found in a car crash, the remains of which belong to a founder of a men's rights organisation. (S11, Ep12)

  • 13

    The Monster In The Closet


    The Monster In The Closet: The Jeffersonian investigates the decomposing body of a social worker in the park. (S11, Ep13)

  • 14

    Last Shot At A Second Chance


    The Last Shot At A Second Chance: The Jeffersonian investigates the murder of a convicted felon who had been released to a halfway house, but disappeared. (S11, Ep14)

  • 15

    Fight In The Fixer


    The Fight In The Fixer: The team investigates the body of a private investigator who was found frozen in ice, after being dumped in the Potomac. (S11, Ep15)

  • 16

    Strike In The Chord


    The Strike In The Chord: The team investigates the death of the leader of the Lynwood University male acapella singing group, "The Whippersnaps". (S11, Ep16)

  • 17

    Secret In The Service


    The Secret In The Service: A drunk college student discovers the dead body of a Secret Service agent just before a presidential visit to the area. (S11, Ep17)

  • 18

    Movie In The Making


    The Movie In The Making: To produce a television segment on the Jeffersonian's Medico-Legal lab, a documentary crew follows Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian/FBI team. (S11, Ep18)

  • 19

    Head In The Abutment


    The Head In The Abutment: The team investigates the death of a popular professional hockey player whose headless corpse was dumped in the river. (S11, Ep19)

  • 20

    Stiff In The Cliff


    The Stiff In The Cliff: When the remains of famous billionaire explorer Henry Charles are found in Antarctica, the high profile case is brought to Brennan and Booth. (S11, Ep20)

  • 21

    Jewel In The Crown


    The Jewel In The Crown: The team investigates a body found at a glass recycling plant with a diamond lodged in its jaw. (S11, Ep21)

  • 22

    Nightmare In The Nightmare


    The Nightmare In The Nightmare: The team dives back into investigating a serial killer from the past, attempting to find "The Puppeteer". (S11, Ep22)