The Original Hellblazer

Season 1


Based on the popular comic book character from DC Comics, John Constantine is a man waging war against the forces of darkness. Armed with a ferocious knowledge of the dark arts and a wickedly naughty wit, he fights the good fight - or at least he did. With his soul already damned to hell, he’s decided to abandon his campaign against evil, until a series of events thrusts him back into the fray. Now this irreverent con-man might be the only thing defending us against dark forces from beyond and protecting the innocent. With the balance of good and evil on the line, Constantine must use his skills to travel the country, find the supernatural terrors that threaten our world and send them back where they belong. But is it too late to save his soul?


Season 1
  • 1

    Non Est Asylum


    Non Est Asylum: Constantine decides to abandon his campaign against evil until he is thrusted back into the fray when a friend's daughter becomes the target of superhuman forces. (S1, Ep1)

  • 2

    The Darkness Beneath


    The Darkness Beneath: John is a small community's only defence against an ancient Welsh spirit. In the course of protecting these isolated innocents, John finds a vital new ally. (S1, Ep2)

  • 3

    The Devil's Vinyl


    The Devil's Vinyl: John and Zed engage in a dangerous confrontation to save a woman from sinister forces. John's efforts force him to confront the darkness in his own life. (S1, Ep3)

  • 4

    A Feast Of Friends


    A Feast of Friends: Constantine's old friend Gary accidentally releases a powerful demon in Atlanta. (S1, Ep4)

  • 5

    Danse Vaudou


    Danse Vaudou: Constantine must form an unholy alliance with Papa Midnite when a voodoo ritual to help people communicate with their dead loved ones takes a deadly turn. (S1, Ep5)

  • 6

    Rage Of Caliban


    Rage of Caliban: When a young boy is taken over by a malevolent spirit, John must convince the parents that their boy is not all that he seems. (S1, Ep6)

  • 7

    Blessed Are The Damned


    Blessed Are the Damned: Zed has a vision of snakes that lead her and John to a small town where a preacher has mysteriously gained the ability to heal his congregation (S1, Ep7)

  • 8

    The Saint Of Last Resorts: Part 1


    The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 1: Anne Marie, a member of the Newcastle crew, asks John and Chas for help in Mexico City, bringing them close to the heart of the rising darkness. (S1, Ep8)

  • 9

    The Saint Of Last Resorts: Part 1


    The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 2: John summons a demon into himself to help fend off an attack; Chas, Zed, and Anne Marie rush to save John. (S1, Ep9)

  • 10

    Quid Pro Quo


    Quid Pro Quo: When thousands of people in Brooklyn - including Chas' daughter - slip into comas, John must locate and defeat the evil forces responsible. (S1, Ep10)

  • 11

    A Whole World Out There


    A Whole World Out There: John is sent to help an old friend at Ivy University, where students have figured out how to get to an alternate dimension - only to be met by a killer. (S1, Ep11)

  • 12

    Angels And Ministers Of Grace


    Angels and Ministers of Grace: John asks Manny to help him investigate a mysterious attack at a hospital; a health issue prompts Zed to question her visions. (S1, Ep12)

  • 13

    Waiting For The Man


    Waiting For the Man: John and Zed return to New Orleans when Detective Jim Corrigan asks for their help in the case of a missing girl. (S1, Ep13)