Gang Related

Saturday 09.00pm

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Gang Related


  1. Saturday 24 April 09.00pm

    Sangre Por Sangre (E02 - S01)

  2. Monday 26 April 09.00pm

    Pecados Del Padre (E03 - S01)


As kid, Ryan Lopez got connected to gang boss Javier Acosta. He's now detective in LAPD's Gang Task Force. While secretly passing info on to Javier, he's a good cop 95% of the time.


Season 1
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    Pilot: When Detective Ryan Lopez's partner is killed by a gang member, he teams up with Cassius Green, who has been at the forefront of the war on organised crime. (S1, Ep1) Rating: NU16

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    Sangre Por Sangre


    Sangre Por Sangre: Ryan looks for the rival gang members responsible for shooting Carlos, and finds himself falling for Jessica. (S1, Ep2) Rating: NU16

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    Pecados Del Padre


    Pecados Del Padre: Ryan and the task force are ambushed as they are transporting a snitch to court. (S1, Ep3) Rating: NU16

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    Monday 26 April 09.00pm
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