L.A.'S Finest

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Defiance L.A.'s. Finest



  1. Wednesday 24 July 09.00pm

    Con Air (E03 - S01)

  2. Friday 26 July 10.00pm

    Con Air (E03 - S01)

  3. Wednesday 31 July 09.00pm

    De'ja Vu (E04 - S01)


From the universe of the Jerry Bruckheimer Bad Boys franchise, L.A.’s Finest is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television and 2.0 Entertainment in association with Sony Pictures Television. The drama follows Sydney “Syd” Burnett (Union), who was last seen in Bad Boys II taking down a drug cartel in Miami. Having left her complicated past behind her, she is now an LAPD detective with a new partner, Nancy McKenna (Alba), a working mom with an equally complex history. Burnett is forced to examine whether her unapologetic lifestyle might be masking a greater personal secret. Taking on the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles while skirting the rules, Syd and McKenna become a force to be reckoned with, on the streets and in each other’s lives.



Season 1
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    Pilot: When a boy is targeted by a powerful cartel, two detectives with complex pasts race the clock to keep him safe. (S1, Ep1)

  • 2



    Defiance: The team must track down a budding serial killer who lures young women into isolated areas before killing them live on social media. (S1, Ep2)

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    Con Air


    Con Air: A body abruptly plummets onto a busy street, seemingly falling straight out of the sky, the team is left to piece together the clues. (S1, Ep3)

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    De'ja Vu


    De'ja Vu: Time is up - Syd and McKenna need to get Knox's fentanyl into police custody while leaving no trace of their own involvement. But can they pull it off? (S1, Ep4)

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    Wednesday 31 July 09.00pm
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