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Season 2


  1. Saturday 19 January 09.00pm

    Weaponizer (E05 - S02)

  2. Saturday 26 January 09.00pm

    Monster (E06 - S02)


When the devil tires of life in Hell, he materialises in the City of Angels, where he aids the LAPD in rounding up and punishing evildoers in this TV-adaptation of the comic book.



  • 1

    Everything's Coming Up Lucifer


    Everything's Coming Up Lucifer: Lucifer and Chloe look into the murder of a stand-in actress; Chloe's faith in Lucifer is tested. (S2, Ep1)

  • 2

    Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire


    Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire: Lucifer suspects his mother may be involved in a ghastly murder for which she claims she's innocent. (S2, Ep2)

  • 3



    Sin-Eater: Lucifer and Chloe investigate a gruesome murder after a video of the crime surfaces on social media. When a second video appearsy realise they have a serial killer. (S2 Ep3)

  • 4

    Lady Parts


    Lady Parts: Maze convinces Chloe to go out for drinks, which the detective sees as an act of friendship, but is actually part of a bet between Maze and Lucifer. (S2, Ep4)

  • 5



    Weaponizer: Lucifer's brother Uriel shows up as he investigates the murder of his favorite action hero. (S2, Ep5)

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    Monster: Lucifer clashes with Chloe during an investigation, leading her to partner with Dan. (S2, Ep6)

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  • 7

    My Little Monkey


    My Little Monkey: After the man convicted of killing Chloe's father is murdered, new clues suggests he was framed, while Lucifer tries to learn how to be normal by watching Dan. (S2, Ep7)

  • 8

    Trip To Stabby Town


    Trip To Stabby Town: Lucifer seeks Azrael's blade when he discovers it's been used in a string of violent stabbings linked to a local yoga studio. (S2, Ep8)

  • 9



    Homewrecker: Lucifer goes to great lengths to protect his home when the owner is murdered and the new owner wants it demolished. (S2, Ep9)

  • 10

    Quid Pro Ho


    Quid Pro Ho: When Amenadiel convinces her that a bomb won't work, Charlotte uses the trial of Chloe's father's killer to try and turn Chloe against Lucifer. (S2, Ep10)

  • 11

    Stewardess Interruptus


    Stewardess Interruptus: The tension between Lucifer and Chloe makes it difficult for them to investigate the murder of two victims who happen to be Lucifer's old flames. (S2, Ep11)

  • 12

    Love Handles


    Love Handles: A killer is poisoning college students, and Lucifer and Chloe investigate the case while dealing with the change in their relationship. (S2, Ep12)

  • 13

    A Good Day To Die


    A Good Day To Die: Lucifer returns to hell to find an antidote for Chloe and his mother goes to hell to bring him back. (S2, Ep13)

  • 14

    Candy Morningstar


    Candy Morningstar: Lucifer has gone off the grid and cut off all contact from his family and the police department, following Chloe's near-death. (S2, Ep14)

  • 15

    Deceptive Little Parasite


    Deceptive Little Parasite: Lucifer attempts to control his emotions when he learns the flaming sword is the only way the family can return home. (S2 Ep15)

  • 16

    God Johnson


    God Johnson: When a grisly murder takes place at an insane asylum, the prime suspect calls himself God. Lucifer, unsure this may be his father, tries to find the real killer. (S2, Ep16)

  • 17

    Sympathy For The Goddess


    Sympathy For The Goddess: Charlotte helps Lucifer and Chloe find out who killed the man who had the last piece of the Flaming Sword. (S2, Ep17)

  • 18

    The Good, The Bad, And The Crispy


    The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy: Charlotte accidentally burns a man to death, leaving Lucifer to keep Chloe from figuring what really happened. (S2, Ep18)