Tuesday 03.00pm



  1. Tuesday 23 October 09.00am

    Mr. Monk And The Election (E15 - S03)

  2. Tuesday 23 October 10.00am

    Mr. Monk And The Kid (E16 - S03)

  3. Tuesday 23 October 03.00pm

    Mr. Monk And The Other Detective (E01 - S04)


Adrian Monk is a brilliant San Francisco detective, whose obsessive compulsive disorder just happens to get in the way.


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    Mr. Monk Takes A Punch


    Mr Monk Takes a Punch: A boxer narrowly avoids a bomb and Stottlemeyer believes that with a championship bout coming up, it won't be the only attempt to kill him. (S7, Ep4)

  • 5

    Mr. Monk Is Underwater


    Mr Monk is Underwater: Monk is put in an uncomfortable position when Natalie asks him to help investigate the apparent suicide of her old friend's commanding officer. (S7, Ep5)

  • 6

    Mr. Monk Falls In Love


    Mr Monk Falls in Love: Monk is smitten with an attractive former dancer and when she's accused of murder he agrees to help her, even though all the evidence points to her guilt. (S7, Ep6)