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Friday 09.00pm


Season 18


  1. Friday 23 April 11.00am

    Love Thy Neighbour (E02 - S16)

  2. Friday 23 April 03.00pm

    Boom (E03 - S16)

  3. Friday 23 April 07.00pm

    Boom (E03 - S16)


The long-running and well-loved procedural crime drama series, returns for its 18th season. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs continues to lead the NCIS Major Case Response Team as they investigate intense criminal cases. NCIS returns for Season 18 on 22nd January 2021, only on FOX TV UK.



  • 1

    Sturgeon Season


    Sturgeon Season: Gibbs and Fornell attempt to track down the leader of a drug ring who supplied drugs to Fornell's daughter. (S18, Ep1) Rating: NU7

  • 2

    Everything Starts Somewhere


    Everything Starts Somewhere: Flashbacks reveal the murder case that first introduced young Gibbs to NCIS and to Ducky. (S18, Ep2) Rating: NU16

  • 3

    Blood And Treasure


    Blood And Treasure: The discovery of two dead bodies in a forest leads the NCIS team into the wild world of modern-day treasure hunting. (S18, Ep3) Rating: NU16

  • 4



    Sunburn: McGee and his wife Delilah's Bahamian vacation turns into a high-stakes mission when a case NCIS is tracking of a dead escape room manager has ties to the island. (S18, Ep4)

  • 5

    Head Of The Snake


    Head Of The Snake: Gibbs and Fornell's crusade to find the head of the drug ring responsible for Fornell's daughter Emily's overdose comes to a climax. (S18, Ep5)

  • 6



    1mm: Following a tip about smuggled weapons, Bishop and Torres engage in a shootout in a former sheriff's residence that's now a historical site. (S18, Ep6) Rating: NU7

  • 7

    The First Day


    The First Day: NCIS investigates the murder of a Navy officer who was killed while driving home a recently released inmate. Also, Gibbs helps Palmer deal with a personal trauma. (S18, Ep7)

  • 8

    True Believer


    True Believer: Bishop and Torres track down a hacker who emailed compromising information to the Taliban. (S18, Ep8)

  • 9

    Winter Chill


    Winter Chill: NCIS dives into the competitive world of food trucks after finding a man frozen to death in the back of one. (S18, Ep9)

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    Watchdog: NCIS uncovers a secret dog fighting ring, which leads to an unexpected move by one of the team members. (S18, Ep10)

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