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A blue-collar couple in Atlantic City struggles to raise four kids -- three of whom just happen to be certified geniuses.


Season 1
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    Pilot: Kay and Mike cope with raising three high-IQ children. (S1, Ep1)

  • 2

    The Talk


    The Talk: After giving their kids "the talk," Mike and Kay start to overthink their own sex life and turn to Rita and Irwin for advice. (S1, Ep2)

  • 3



    Grandparents: Mike's parents, Jay and Sylvia, visit from Florida. Mike's insecurities come out when Jay zones in on his parenting style. (S1, Ep3)

  • 4

    Bad Guy


    Bad Guy: When the kids propose the idea of moving out of the house, Kay forces Mike tell them no, but he has trouble dealing with the backlash. (S1, Ep4)

  • 5



    Dating: When Nicole invites a boy over who isn't ideal boyfriend material, Kay tries to make sure her daughter doesn't end up with a broken heart. (S1, Ep5)

  • 6



    Bullying: Mike and Kay look into a charter school for Marc, after he is brought into the principal's office for bullying his teacher. (S1, Ep6)

  • 7



    Failing: After realising that Nicole has never failed at anything she's ever tried, Mike and Kay devise a plan to teach her about failure. (S1, Ep7)

  • 8

    Couple's Friends


    Couple's Friends: Realising they have lost most of their adult friends since having kids, Mike and Kay try to befriend Beth and Sigmund, parents from Brian and Nicole's school. (S1, Ep8)