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  1. Saturday 19 June 08.00pm

    Divergence (E21 - S01)

  2. Saturday 19 June 08.30pm

    Full Circle (E22 - S01)


Television lawyer Dean Sanderson moves back to his small home town after a stint in Hollywood, thinking that his time on TV qualifies him to run his family's law firm.


Season 1
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    Pilot: After 8 years playing a famous lawyer on TV, an actor thinks he can return to his hometown and join his family's law firm. (S1, Ep1) Rating: NU12

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    A Hero Has Fallen


    A Hero Has Fallen: After an exciting victory, Sanderson & Yao is flooded with cases and Dean wants to choose what they tackle next. (S1, Ep2) Rating: NU12

  • 3

    The Curious Disapperance Of Mr. Donovan


    The Curious Disapperance Of Mr. Donovan: Stewart dismisses Dean's claims that Claire is sharing secrets with a rival firm. (S1, Ep3) Rating: NU12

  • 4

    Little Mitchard No More


    Little Mitchard No More: Stewart and Deb think a new couple, Lyle and Vanessa, like them because Dean is a celebrity. (S1, Ep4) Rating: NU12

  • 5

    A Bittersweet Grind (Une Mouture Amer)


    A Bittersweet Grind (Une Mouture Amere): Dean runs into a former flame (Christina Applegate) who restores his faith in romance. (S1, Ep5) Rating: NU12

  • 6

    Dedicating This One To The Crew


    Dedicating This One To The Crew: Ethan chooses to audition for the school play instead of following in his father's footsteps. (S1, Ep6) Rating: NU12

  • 7

    Buckingham Malice


    Buckingham Malice: Stewart convinces Dean he can't keep using his celebrity if he really wants to be a regular guy. (S1, Ep7) Rating: NU12

  • 8

    Giving Thanks, Getting Justice


    Giving Thanks, Getting Justice: After many holidays away from his family, Dean is excited for a real Thanksgiving celebration. (S1, Ep8) Rating: NU12

  • 9

    Grinder Rests In Peace


    Grinder Rests In Peace: Dean is asked to film a scene for a spin off of his hit series; Stewart feels like he has been replaced by Dean in Ethan's eyes. (S1, Ep9) Rating:12+

  • 10

    Olyphant In The Room


    The Olyphant In The Room: Dean catches Claire making out with Timothy Olyphant; a reporter is writing a story about Stewart, who gets upset when Dean steals the spotlight. (S1, Ep10) Rating

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    Exodus: Dean is crushed when Deb and Stewart ask him to find his own place to live and a rival law firm tries to poach Dean. (S1, Ep11) Rating:12+

  • 12

    Blood Is Thicker Than Justice


    Blood Is Thicker Than Justice: Stewart and Dean are on opposite sides in a divorce case. (S1, Ep12) Rating:12+

  • 13

    Grinder V Grinder


    Grinder V Grinder: The rivalry between Dean and Timothy Olyphant continues when Stewart asks Timothy to spend more time at Sanderson & Yao. (S1, Ep13) Rating:12+

  • 14

    Retooling Of Dean Sanderson


    The Retooling Of Dean Sanderson: Dean scares off a big prospective client by being too dramatic. (S1, Ep14) Rating:12+

  • 15

    Ties That Grind


    The Ties That Grind: Dean's therapist (Maya Rudolph) encourages him to finish shedding his TV persona and discover his true identity. (S1, Ep15)

  • 16

    Delusions Of Grinder


    Delusions Of Grinder: Stewart becomes certain there's a larger conspiracy against the firm. (S1,Ep16)

  • 17

    From The Ashes


    From The Ashes: As the conspiracy at Sanderson and Yao reaches a boiling point, Stewart is desperate for Dean to go back to his Grinder persona. (S1, Ep17) Rating:12+

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    Genesis: After therapy, Dean attempts to discover who ransacked the office; in a flashback, a younger Dean makes a fateful choice to pursue his destiny. (S1, Ep18) Rating:12+

  • 19

    A System On Trial


    A System On Trial: Stew is worried that Dean Sr's anger problems will hurt his case. (S1, Ep19) Rating:12+

  • 20

    For The People


    For The People: Dean and Stewart get a surprise visit from their mother, Lenore. (S1, Ep20) Rating:12+

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    Divergence: After finding out Dean Sr is guilty, Stew thinks they should settle the case. (S1, Ep21) Rating:12+

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    Full Circle


    Full Circle: Stewart gets sidelined at Dean Sr.'s malpractice trial, leaving the rest of the Sanderson & Yao team to save the firm. (S1, Ep22) Rating:12+

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