The Walking Dead, Season 7: ALANNA MASTERSON / Tara

The Walking Dead, Season 7: ALANNA MASTERSON / Tara

Tara was last seen going on a run with Heath.
Tara is doing what she can to get back to Denise and her family at Alexandria.

What makes Tara such a good character?
She sees the good in everyone, even to a fault. Tara is optimistic, and she’s optimistic when it’s hard. That’s who she has become. You are either going to cry about it or you are going to get up and do something. You are going to try and do whatever you can because the world is more important than just you. You have to look out for other people and take care of them. She’s a fighter.

How has the introduction of Negan impacted the world of The Walking Dead?
You’ve watched these characters grow together, fight together, and stick together through everything. Now you’re a little bit worried that maybe they are not going to make it through. Maybe they won’t stay together because there is such a force of evil coming from this man. He is the biggest threat.

What does the future look like for the group?
It’s pretty uncertain. You think if Rick is leading them, everything is going to be okay and everyone is going to do what they can to keep the group together. This is the first time you are unsure and you don’t know if anyone is okay.

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