The Walking Dead, Season 7: CHANDLER RIGGS / Carl

The Walking Dead, Season 7: CHANDLER RIGGS / Carl

How has the introduction of Negan impacted The Walking Dead?
It’s fascinating and a whole new dynamic for the show. Negan is a very charming character, but at the same time a psychopath. Negan is by far the most dangerous character we’ve come across yet. You are going to hate to love him.

In what way did Carl underestimate Negan’s power and capabilities?
Not only Carl, but the entire group, underestimated Negan’s power. They’ve beaten Terminus and the Governor and a bunch of other groups so they did not think Negan and the Saviors would be that big of a problem – until they are all on their knees.

What does the future look like for our group?
It looks very grim and very dark. The group has been put into a very submissive position by Negan. He is ruthless and he does not care. If someone steps out of line, he just kills them. That makes him a very dangerous character. There is not a lot of hope for the group.

Tell us about filming the Season 7 Premiere…
It was really an amazing experience because all of us learned so much about how each character works and how each other work together. I don’t think any of us will forget.

What is it like working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
He is so funny. He brings a whole light to the set. All of the cast and the crew love him so much, which, for me, sucks because I have to hate his guts, but he’s such a nice guy.

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