The Walking Dead, Season 7: CHRISTIAN SERRATOS / Rosita

The Walking Dead, Season 7: CHRISTIAN SERRATOS / Rosita

Does Rosita feel betrayed by Abraham?
It was traumatic and heart-breaking, but the break up was a gift to both of them, especially Rosita. The audience got to see her on her own and that she is a soldier, not just a follower. She’s learned it is best she is on her own. She works better that way. She is stronger that way.

What happened mentally to Rosita after Denise was killed last season?
She saw a person die whom she was responsible for and she feels a huge sense of failure. That was the hardest thing – death was right in front of her, and it could have been avoided. You see that register with Rosita. You don’t come between Rosita and what she believes is her job. Rosita was in charge of her, and you killed her. As a soldier, that is a huge issue for Rosita.

Was there any anxiety coming back to Season 7, knowing how things were left?
Only anxiety.

What do you think audiences will learn about the group in Season 7 Premiere?
All our characters are very tough, very human, very capable, and very strong. At times, they may seem invincible. They are not. That is a very powerful message. These people can hurt, can bleed, and can feel fear. They do not have control.

What makes Negan the most dangerous person this group has encountered?
He has no empathy.

Why does this cast come in when they are not working to give fellow actors eye lines?
That is common on our set. It’s not common in the industry. Our cast is so supportive. They might not even be in the episode, but they come to support you. We are genuinely invested in what we are doing here and we, as fans, want to see all the cool things others get to do too.

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