The Walking Dead, Season 7: DANAI GURIRA / Michonne

The Walking Dead, Season 7: DANAI GURIRA / Michonne

What was a defining moment for Michonne last season?
Now that she has a whole new level of intimacy attached to who she is and how she functions in the world, that is definitely an adjustment for her. In some ways, it’s made her even more aggressive. This is a man, from the beginning, she could respect.

Were they wrong in attacking the Outpost?
It is hard to have simplistic morals and standards when you are dealing with a world that is this hostile. In terms of what happened, they were actually trying to help a situation not happen. They’ve had a lot of experience of people doing really terrible things they trusted, and they should not have trusted these people. It was smart, but they didn’t realize the magnitude of who they were up against.

Why is meeting Negan and the Saviors such a humbling moment?
It is like what Rick said at the end of Season Five – you are messing with the wrong people. Well, we just did that. We just messed with the wrong people.

Why is Michonne defiantly staring at Negan as she sits at his feet?
She is in a moment of utter powerlessness, which is beyond maddening for her. There is certainly rage and a desire for something to just give them a little bit of a way out of this, but there really doesn’t seem to be one. The only thing she has is her eyes.

What makes the game Negan plays with them pure torture?
It’s a plausible circumstance that someone could do exactly what that man is doing. We are not in a position at that moment to make it any different from what it is. It’s the juxtaposition of Eeny Meeny Miny Moe with I am about to kill one of you – it’s horrific.

How does Negan change the landscape of The Walking Dead?
They have never seen this type of force in this world yet. The game has changed. We hope we can still play it.

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