The Walking Dead, Season 7: JOSH MCDERMITT / Eugene

The Walking Dead, Season 7: JOSH MCDERMITT / Eugene

Did Eugene overcome his self-doubt when he volunteered to drive the RV alone?
It was just another moment for him to display that newfound confidence. That’s exciting to see a guy who I feel like represents a lot of what most of us would be in the apocalypse if it ever happened – someone with no skills hoping someone protects them or they might die. Then to become a man of action, a man who will step up in the face of danger. In those situations, you have to continue to build your confidence.

How has Negan changed landscape of the world the group thought it knew?
We thought we were in this nice little community where our biggest worry was we don’t have enough food. Negan came in and made this world much larger than we thought it was, while making our world a lot smaller.

What makes Negan so threatening?
It’s a pretty sadistic game that Negan is playing using a child’s game to kill someone. It’s so
nonchalant and everyday for him. It lets you know you are not in charge. You are not the ones pulling the strings anymore. This is a scary time for this group.

Is Negan unpredictable or does he have a plan?
This isn’t random. They are not one step ahead of us, they are 10 steps ahead of us. This is the ultimate chess match, and we don’t realize we are playing chess, and they do.

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