The Walking Dead, Season 7: LAUREN COHAN / Maggie

The Walking Dead, Season 7: LAUREN COHAN / Maggie

Why did Maggie cut her hair?
It’s a suit up. The group felt they had a handle on what was out there. They were ready to move forward to take control in a way we wanted. Interestingly, as soon as she gets prepared for that next stage, she folds into the pain that propels them on this terrible journey into the hands of Negan.

How does Negan impact The Walking Dead story?
It’s not an impact – it’s a completely unrecognizable remnant once he comes onto the scene.

In what ways did Maggie underestimate Negan?
Little did we know Negan is this complete sadist that takes so much pleasure out of inflicting such great pain on people. To me, Negan feels like this horrible undercurrent that’s been there the whole time that we haven’t realized, and now it’s rearing its head from every doorway you can imagine. It’s like how bulls have little flocks of birds that live on their backs. We’ve been there not knowing we were all sleeping on this giant scary bull. We are upended.

What is most dangerous about Negan?
He can read people very quickly. He is a very good judge of character despite being a despicable character.

What do you hope fans will feel watching The Walking Dead this season?
I hope that people feel the certainty and bravery of putting other people first. As difficult as the struggle has been for our group, the thing that they do right is think of each other and think of others. Part of the appeal for working on this show and being a fan of this show is the tribe. Being a part of something, knowing who you are, what your part is in it, the impact you make on other people’s lives, how you better a situation by giving of yourself, and you have a place in this family. That is what I have learned, and I hope that can be passed on.


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