The Walking Dead, Season 7: LENNIE JAMES / Morgan

The Walking Dead, Season 7: LENNIE JAMES / Morgan

How is it getting to work with Melissa McBride this season?
I like to work hard to make it easy and that is what happens with Melissa. I genuinely believe if you asked any of the actors on set who do you most enjoy doing scenes with, every person would say Melissa. If she were English, she would be a Dame and she would be as close as we could get to Knighting.

Where is Morgan and Carol’s relationship at the start of Season 7?
Morgan has a huge amount of respect for Carol. He sees in her himself, mostly his pain. He gets her. What pulls Carol away from him is that it is uncomfortable for someone else to see your pain. That’s where they are at the beginning of this season. Morgan has not caused the dilemma Carol is going through. Carol was going through that before he arrived, but he hasn’t helped it.

Is Morgan able to trust more now?
Morgan doesn’t trust anybody, but that doesn’t mean he is not willing to trust people. He has had plenty of examples of how good and how dangerous trust can be.

We get to see the Kingdom this season. Is it a fairy tale or a dangerous illusion?
It is all about survival. We can’t decide how other people make it through. And certainly Morgan can’t decide how other people make it through because his path has not always been a fairy tale. A large part of it has been a nightmare. Morgan is not going to be judgmental.

Why does Ezekiel call himself “King”?
If you’ve got a pet tiger, you can be whatever you like. In this world, all the leaders we’ve come across to a great or lesser extent are playing a role. Every time Negan comes out to play with Lucille, he’s putting on a show. The guy we’ve been following is a town sheriff who wears a holster, with a gun at his side, and a cowboy hat. Even Deanna was playing the senator in a world where there is no senate.

What is one of the things you are most excited for this season?
Me riding the horse. It’s the thing that tells me I’m not in Kansas anymore. I’m a kid from South London. There are not too many horses there. The idea of me jumping on the back of a horse and riding around is just the most exciting day every chance I get to do it.

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