The Walking Dead, Season 7: ROSS MARQUAND / Aaron

The Walking Dead, Season 7: ROSS MARQUAND / Aaron

How does Negan impact the story of The Walking Dead?
Negan has been a pervasive threat for most of last season. Even before he was revealed, there is this notion that he is everywhere. He is this ubiquitous force of negativity and darkness that is very
terrifying. Just when they think they have the upper hand, they realize that they have only touched the tip of the iceberg. There is so much beneath what they think they know.

What is going through Aaron’s mind as they sit at Negan’s mercy?
This is the first time where not only Rick’s group, but Rick especially, is very aware they can’t overcome something. That realization washes over him like a horrible dream and there is no waking up from it. They have taken everything we have, not only our physical possessions, but our hope.

Does Aaron feel responsible for where the group currently sits?
Aaron feels a certain responsibility for this group and feels he screwed up by them getting to this place. He wants to make sure they can safely get out of this situation because in that moment there is no way out. Every single one of these people in this line up would die for each other.

What was the biggest moment that impacted Aaron last season?
[In the tunnel], as someone who has a partner himself and wants to very much protect him, he realizes Maggie is not just fighting for herself and Glenn, she is fighting for the life of their unborn baby. It’s not just these adults fighting for their future, it’s about protecting the next generation.

What may fans expect during the Season 7 Premiere?
It came off of a very intense emotional note last season and it’s going to go deeper down the well of sadness.

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