The Walking Dead, Season 7: SETH GILLIAM / Father Gabriel

The Walking Dead, Season 7: SETH GILLIAM / Father Gabriel

Why does Father Gabriel understand the group’s need to find Negan and the Saviors?
It is ultimately about preserving what they have at Alexandria. It is challenging for them all, but it also says if you want to keep surviving in this world you are going to have to step beyond yourself in many different ways in order to do that. Gabriel is capable of initiating violence of some kind and he is not going to have to carry that burden with him of what it means.

Gabriel wears not only clerical clothing, but carries a rifle.
He’s dealing with the duality of man. He is going to have to be a man of action, not just a man of thought. He is prepared to deal with the consequences of those actions. It’s been an incredible journey from hiding and trying to disappear to standing front and center and being able to face whatever challenges are coming.

What was a defining moment for Gabriel last season?
It was a key moment when the walker herd initially comes through the walls and he ushers his flock of Alexandrians into the safety of the garage church, and he does not stay with them. He runs back out feeling there has got to be something more that he can do. Gabriel of old would have just closed the door with them and tried to be as quiet as possible. He is willing to venture out not knowing what is going to happen or what he is going to do. It’s not enough to get them to safety and to shelter, but that he has to be more proactive in keeping them safe and sheltered.

How does Father Gabriel feel having regained Rick’s trust?
When Rick smiles on Gabriel, Gabriel smiles inside. 

What does the introduction of Negan bring to the world of The Walking Dead?
Negan introduces calculated brutality. That is a very different dynamic than we’ve seen in this world.

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