The Walking Dead, Season 7: SONEQUA MARTIN-GREEN / Sasha

The Walking Dead, Season 7: SONEQUA MARTIN-GREEN / Sasha

How did Sasha and Abraham fall in love?
After the deaths of Bob and Tyreese, Sasha was in a pit of despair and in a pit of walkers. She eventually came to the other side, looked across the way to him, and saw he was in a place she just came from. We see the strength in each other and that is what pulls us together more than anything. We are very much partners in war and a love was birthed from that. Abraham is life after survival.

What makes Negan the most dangerous person this group has encountered?
He is using psychological abuse. That makes him different and more dangerous than anyone we have ever faced before. In his mind, he is more valuable than anyone else and that is sickening. 

What made Negan successful at stopping the group in its tracks?
It was immediately alarming running out of the woods with Maggie on the stretcher and the first thing you hear are all these piercing whistles. When we reach the clearing, it is deafening. It’s coming from everywhere. You hear before you see just how many people are here. Then the lights flash on and you are completely confused.

Is there a future as the group sits awaiting their fate?
To have your life in someone else’s hands, who will do whatever they want with it, it is a very chilling thing. Without hope, why live? That will be the hardest thing about the future because they are in a seemingly hopeless situation.


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