The Walking Dead, Season 7: STEVEN YEUN / Glenn

The Walking Dead, Season 7: STEVEN YEUN / Glenn

Last season, why did Glenn agree with Rick to attack the Saviors?
Glenn is fighting his classic battle – pragmatism over compassion. The one thing that checks his pragmatism is his heart. I don’t think Glenn sees any other option that his heart can push in any other direction but to do what Rick has suggested.

Why did Glenn step in and kill for Heath when they attacked the Outpost?
After Glenn kills the first Savior, he knows that it takes a part of your soul to do it. Why not let someone keep that? Why have someone go to this place when he doesn’t need to? Since Glenn is already there, he tries to take it upon himself to let Heath still preserve himself.

In what way did the group underestimate Negan’s power and capabilities?
There is a cockiness to the group, not arrogance. We think we can overcome all odds. Last season, Glenn says we were wrong about the world, it is much much bigger. And now we have to figure it out all over again. The threats that we have experienced are not even close to the threats that are really truly out there. It is definitely a humbling moment, but I still wouldn't count out our cockiness.

Tell us about filming the Season 7 Premiere.
As an actor, you strive for moments like this where you get to feel something, whether it be terrible or good. We've established quite a story and quite a show. To come to this point is a milestone. This only makes the show better.

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