The Walking Dead, Season 7: XANDER BERKELEY / Gregory

The Walking Dead, Season 7: XANDER BERKELEY / Gregory

Why Did Gregory Make the Deal With Maggie Last Season?
To live another day and to have a little more life. He will take it over nothing because he is terrified of death. Keeping his people at Hilltop happy is important because it reflects positively on his image of himself.

Explain Why Gregory Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Guy.
This is a man who life has taught him bad lessons. He has been given positive reinforcement for negative behavior. He got away with it because he was confident and that confidence gave him power over other people. Once you are up against circumstances that are as dire as these that behavior becomes all that more crystalized. Yet, he finds himself amusing. That is his way of diverting reality.

You Describe Gregory as the Guy Who Thinks He Is the Life of the Party, but He’s Not.
Gregory is the one that invariably gives the big speech at the wedding thinking everyone is hanging on his every word when they are just saying to themselves, “Is he really going to keep going?” He is.

What Do You Hope for Gregory This Season?
I would like to see that he gets a laugh out of other people, not just himself. A lot of the time, people who get a kick out of themselves, others get a kick out of them too. There is something infectious about that. Hopefully we will see some people laughing, even if it’s in the background.

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